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Updated On: 12/05/22 at 12:25 pm PDT
The Monex StandardBIDASKChange
1 Kilo Gold Bullion Bars$56,031.97$58,028.02-1,014.10
1 oz. Gold Bullion Bars$1,746.00$1,822.00-32.00
Gold Bullion Bars$1,745.60$1,802.40-31.50
10 oz. Gold Bullion Bars$17,456.00$18,024.00-315.00
1/10 oz Maple Leaf$1,988.50$2,111.50-32.50
1/4 oz Maple Leaf$1,855.20$1,970.00-32.60
Gold Canadian Maple Leaf$1,799.00$1,863.00-33.00
1.5-oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf$2,666.00$2,947.00-49.00
1.5-oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf$2,666.00$2,947.00-49.00
Gold American Buffalo$1,860.90$1,927.10-32.60
Gold American Buffalo$1,861.00$1,927.00-33.00
Gold Vienna Philharmonics$1,793.10$1,856.90-32.60
1/4 oz Gold Philharmonic$1,840.20$1,954.20-32.80
1/10 oz Gold Philharmonic$1,938.00$2,058.00-33.00
Gold Canadian Maple Leaf$1,799.10$1,863.10-32.60
Gold Canadian Roaring Grizzly$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Australian Kangaroo$1,792.90$1,856.70-32.60
Gold American Eagle$1,862.70$1,929.10-32.50
Gold American Eagle$1,863.00$1,929.00-33.00
1/4 oz Gold American Eagle$1,898.20$2,015.80-31.80
1/10 oz Gold American Eagle$2,042.50$2,168.50-32.00
Gold Canadian Howling Wolf$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Howling Wolf$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Growling Cougar$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold South African Krugerrands$1,799.60$1,863.80-32.50
Gold Canadian Roaring Grizzly$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Growling Cougar$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Bugling Elk$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Golden Eagle$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Golden Eagle$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Moose$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Moose$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Miscellaneous$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Miscellaneous$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Klondike$1,805.40$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Bugling Elk$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00
Gold Canadian Klondike$1,805.00$1,917.00-32.00

It is easy to confirm that Monex offers some of the best prices available on precious metals products by simply comparing our prices with those of other dealers. But what really sets Monex apart from others is that we also feature transparent pricing. We show you, right here on this website, our bid and ask prices. Our “spread” – the difference between our “ask” and “bid” prices – tends to be far less than many other dealers. Not only that, but we also offer lower Atlas Preferred Prices on purchases made with the Monex Atlas Account on a number of our bullion and coin products.

For thousands of years, in good times and bad, gold has offered holders a solid, long-term and tangible way to hold and protect wealth.  Unlike paper investments (like stocks, bonds and currencies) that can and have become worthless overnight, gold has true intrinsic value . . . and, hence, will always be valuable.  What’s more, in recent years, gold has also been utilized as a short-term trading product, offering traders opportunity to profit as gold prices fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, on world markets.

For half a century, the Monex group of companies has been dedicated to bringing precious metals investments to all Americans. We strive to make our customers understand that personal and depository delivery of precious metals is a labor of love for us. Monex Deposit Company is America’s trusted name in gold and other precious metals, with customer transactions now totaling over $60 billion. We have a large and dedicated staff of precious metals professionals, a two-way buy and sell market, extended 12 hour trading day, and very competitive pricing. Monex is ready, willing and eager to become your preferred source for the finest in precious metals products and services.

Monex wants you to have the information you need to enable you to make informed decisions on buying and selling your precious metals. As such, we offer a wide range of material available to send you, including books, brochures, catalogs, videos, special market reports, charts and other information to inform and educate you. Your Monex Account Representative will be happy to talk with you about your precious metals requirements and objectives and send you material, via mail or email, to help you make the investment decisions that are right for you and your particular situation.

You could spend many hours, or even days, searching the internet for the answers to your questions about purchasing and owning precious metals. Or, you could do what tens of thousands of customers do each year: Talk to a friendly, experienced and knowledgeable Monex Account Representative who will give you information based on your personal situation and circumstances. Our Account Representatives are normally available from 5:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST Monday through Friday (except national holidays) … and on many evenings and weekends.  Give us a call!

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For more than 50 years, Monex companies and brand have been America’s trusted name in gold and other precious metals. With customer transactions now totaling over $60 billion, Monex Deposit Company, established in 1987, is today America’s premier precious metals dealer because of our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.